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How the Parish can help residents who are most at risk over Covid-19

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                                                    If you need help shopping or posting letters - call Linda Fuller our co-ordinator on 23752 or 07891 825 410 or if you need help collecting prescriptions, call the Care Group on 23440 who will be able to assist you.


Latest News

Whitehill & Bordon site identified for development

Published: 16 Jun 20

East Hampshire District Council has identified a site in Whitehill & Bordon for large scale development. The site will deliver up to 1,300 additional homes, totalling approximately 4,350 homes overall as part of the town’s transformation into a Green, Healthy and Connected town. The decision has been made following the council’s Large Development Sites consultation held in 2019, which put ten sites to public comment. Except for the land at Whitehill & Bordon, none of the other large development sites considered in the recent Local Plan consultation are technically ready for allocation. Therefore, instead of allocating another large development site in the district, the council intends to identify a ‘broad area of search’ along the A31 corridor. The allocation of a Large Development Site is a major part of EHDC’s Local Plan, a document that sets out the priorities and policies for development in areas of the district outside the South Downs National Park. An up-to-date Local Plan is a vital tool in the council’s armoury against speculative development. The further work on sites around the A31 will take time, so identifying a broad area of search, rather than a specific site, allows the council to make progress on the Local Plan. Cllr Angela Glass, EHDC Portfolio Holder for Planning, said: “To have a completed Local Plan we need to have a clear idea of where future development will go. “We have been able to do that in Whitehill & Bordon but there is still work to do to identify another site. “We are confident that we will be able to allocate suitable land along the A31 in a future Local Plan and by committing to investigating this further we can get on with working on the rest of the plan. “Delaying the Local Plan would risk opening our district up to speculative development. Taking this approach means we can move forwards with the plan without a risky delay.” Whitehill & Bordon Prince Philip Park EHDC has identified a site in Prince Philip Park for the development of up to 1,300 homes. This is part of the ongoing transformation of Whitehill & Bordon into a Green, Healthy and Connected town. This award-winning project sees additional residential and employment-related development bringing with it the infrastructure required to make the town a place where families can live and work. It is anticipated that the regeneration will see 4,350 new homes and 5,500 new jobs. This development would deliver up to 1,300 of those homes and a significant number of jobs and follows the development strategy envisaged by the council’s existing Local Plan. Work must also be done to ensure the protection of habitats and species that are of international importance. Through the provision of new areas of natural greenspace and related initiatives, it is possible to avoid any significant adverse impacts. Work is on-going between the council, Natural England and the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company to investigate this matter in detail. The broad area of search along the A31 A broad area of search is a wide geographical area, often larger than a settlement and perhaps roughly defined by landscape features such as valleys or other landforms. In this case the council and its partners will be looking at seven sites along the A31 corridor proposed during the Large Development Sites Consultation. Each site has its own benefits and comes with its own issues that need to be resolved. A lot of work is still to be done to evaluate the different options but by identifying this broad area of search, work on other areas of the plan can also progress.

Corona Virus

Published: 19 Mar 20

Please note that during the current corona virus outbreak the Council will not be meeting in public and the annual parish meeting is cancelled in April. Meetings will be held on the advertised dates and times, by remote technology. Please see below for further information. Council business, correspondence, planning applications and payments will be responded to by the Clerk to the Council in consultation with councillors. Please email the Clerk in the usual way and she will respond as soon as possible

Up grade work to the National Grid electricty supply

Published: 3 Dec 19

For more information please see below. Please note, this work should not disrupt electricity supplies.

Bentley Village Views

How to join a Bentley Parish Council Meeting

Bentley Parish Council is currently conducting its meetings by conference call, on the regular meeting dates and times.

If you wish to join the meeting, please advise the Clerk 24 hours beforehand and you will be sent the necessary link.  If you do not have a computer, or one with audio and video facility, it is also possible to join by 'phone, the Clerk can advise you how to do this.  

If you have a question you wish to raise or an item of parish business that you would like to discuss, please advise the Clerk at the same time.  It is not possible, during the current situation, to accept questions during the meeting that have not been notified beforehand. 

PLEASE NOTE:  At the Parish Council meeting on Monday 8th June, at 7.30pm, members will be discussing the following planning application:

Case no:     55711/001

Site Address:  Land East of Hole Lane, Bentley

Proposal:  Outline - Residential development comprising 93 no dwellings consisting of 12 no 1-bed flats,, 26 no 2-bed houses, 2 no 2 bed flats, 39 no 3-bed houses and 14 no 4 bed houses (access to be considered)

You are welcome to join the meeting.  Please contact the Clerk to obtain a link to attend the meeting by Zoom. 



Walking in Surrey

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