Bentley Pond


Project Information: 

Our aim is to restore and improve the condition of the village pond and surrounding area, improving amenity value and making it a better environment for wildlife. The site is currently very uninviting with poor water quality due to the silt problem. By improving natural surrounding and adding facilities for visitors of all abilities, we plan to make this a focal point of the village.

We had a consultation stand at both the Bentley fete on 21st July 2018 & at Bentley Primary school's Bfest event in June 2018, which gave us an opportunity to speak with people of all ages about the current status of the pond, the work that is required and to receive their feedback.  

Following our recent tree survey, we have applied to East Hampshire District Council for permission to do various works to the trees around the pond. Over the years the condition of the pond has deteriorated and accumulated silt, the water quality is poor and the surrounding area is in need of attention.

Bentley Parish Council has met with three pond specialists to discuss this project obtaining three quotations. During the Parish Council meeting on 10th June 2019, it was agreed by the Council to hire Aquamaintain to complete the pond work.  We are currently in the process of obtaining further quotes to help with the tidying up process around the pond area. We plan to include a new picnic area, new surfacing, new fencing and a dipping platform with improved access points.

We shall close off the current entrance at the corner of School Lane because it is too dangerous and move it further up the road where there is improved visibility and we will provide a second entrance to the pond from the path near Brook Cottage at Carters Meadow.

We have already submitted the first stage application to Veolia which was successful and the second detailed application is due by 6th July 2019. We will then be notified by Veolia in September 2019 of the outcome of our request. "Fingers crossed!" 

 Survey information: 

The Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust completed a survey of the Bentley pond on 13th July 2018, to review this information, please click here.   Please click here to review the survey about the habitats that live in Bentley pond completed in March 2019.  Please click here to review the survey about crested newts that live in Bentley pond completed in March 2019.  Please click here to review the survey of habitats that live in the grassland near the pond completed in 2015 by Hampshire Biodiversity 

 Pond Design -

The design shown below is a guideline of what the new pond area will look like although its not 100% accurate.  There will only be three picnic benches which are currently situated at the pond. The two old benches have been removed and the main source of material will be grass for this Biodiversity area. We will add a hard surfacing foot path area from entrance one to connect to the current surfacing so that wheelchair and pushchair users can also access and enjoy the wildlife that the pond has to offer. 

 Pond Plan


Dipping Platform