Future of Bentley Working Group


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2. Bentley Parish Council position paper, please click here

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4. The Bentley Plan.

Like many rural communities, Bentley is facing pressures for development that if uncontrolled could have a significant effect on the character of the village.

Bentley Parish Council is developing a plan that reflects the views of residents, to help manage and influence development in the village. East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) has agreed to use this Bentley Plan to help decide what is acceptable when considering planning applications, and it will form part of their Local Interim Planning Statement (LIPS) for Bentley.

The number of houses that Bentley has to accommodate is yet to be decided by EHDC and this plan may help to influence their decision. This plan needs to be prepared quickly if it is to be used to manage development.

Instead of one large development, the Parish Council believes that a few smaller developments in separate pockets around the edge of the village would be easier to control and have less impact on the village. The Parish Council believes that smaller scale developments, of say 8 to 12 dwellings, are also more likely to fit in with the setting and existing village character.

There is a questionnaire that asks your opinion, and if development has to happen, where it should happen and what it should be like.

Should you wish to participate in this process, and are a Bentley resident, please download the questionnaire here, and submit it to the clerk@bentleyparishcouncil.co.uk. The map showing the sites referred to on the questionnaire can be found here

5. Bentley Parish Council, second Consultation Event held on 14th August 2014

A second consultation event was held between 3.00pm and 8.00pm on 14th August 2014 at the Memorial Hall to provide feedback to residents on the proposed Bentley Plan that will form part of the Local Interim Planning Statement (LIPS) being prepared by EHDC, and also to see whether there would be community support for the Parish Council to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. The results of this consultation are currently being considered by the Parish Council. However, if any residents were unable to attend and wish to make their views known, please download the questionnaire here, and submit it to the clerk@bentleyparishcouncil.co.uk by 20th August 2014. The map referred to on the questionnaire and an overview of LIPS and Neighbourhood Plans can be found by clicking here.