Grant (s137) Applications

Bentley Parish Council considers grant applications twice a year at its meetings in March and September. In order to be considered, an application must comply with the following criteria:

The Parish Council will only fund up to 50% of the cost of a project and evidence of other funding must be shown on the Grant Application Form.
Only one application for each project will be considered within a financial year.
The project must benefit residents of the parish.
The applicant will be required to demonstrate this where the organisation is outside of the parish.
All applications must be made using the Grant Application Form, copies of which are available (see below).
If the Parish Council receives more applications than it has budgeted for, the successful applications may be reduced proportionately.
Applicants may be required to attend a Parish Council meeting at which their application is considered and answer any questions the councillors may have on the project.

To access the grant application form please click here.  

The grant form and supporting documents should be completed and emailed to at least 2 weeks prior to the relevant meeting in order to be considered at that meeting.

The next grant meeting will be held on 9th September 2019 

Grants awarded in financial year 2015/16 are set out below:
£1,250 - Bentley Fete and Flower Show (Fireworks)
£50.00 - British Legion - Poppy Wreath
£420.00 - Bentley Recreation Ground Charity - Tree work at Recreation ground
£500.00 - Home-Start Wey Water - Preparation Courses for the volunteers

Grants awarded in financial year 2016/17 are set out below:       
 £1,500 - Bentley Fete and Flower Show (Fireworks)
£400 -  Community Association - Bentley Memorial Hall - Broadband  
£50.00 - British Legion - Poppy Wreath

Grants awarded in Financial year 2017/18 are set out below:

£1,500 - Bentley Fete and Flower Show (Fireworks)
£50 - Victim Support
£50 -  British Legion - Poppy Wreath

Grants awarded in Financial year 2018/2019 are set out below:

£3,000.00 - St Mary's Bentley PCC
£250.00 - Bentley Scouts
£300.00 - Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) 
£50.00 - Poppy Appeal 
£242.00 - CAB
£50.00 -  Victim Support