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Bentley Village Surgery Closure

Published: 24 Jan 22

In an attempt to try and save Bentley Village Surgery, the Chairman and Clerk sought to extend the closing deadline to give us more time to advertise and recruit replacement partners. Last week, we met virtually with four members of the CCG: Dr Charlotte Hutchings (Clinical Director); Nick Brooks (Communications Head), Leanne Parmenter (Primary Care Associate Director) and Sharon Martin (GP Resilience). We explored all avenues possible, asking clinical, business and governance queries to seek answers and opportunities, but in the end, it appears that the national shortage of GP’s has reached Bentley. The CCG is concentrating their efforts to ensure patients have alternative surgeries and with only 8 weeks left there is simply not enough time to recruit for the end of March deadline. Please contact Dr Charlotte Hutchings if you want to discuss the matter further: A big thank you to all doctors and staff at the Surgery who have tried their best and worked tirelessly to look after the health and wellbeing of the residents of Bentley.

Booster jabs

Published: 20 Dec 21

Information about how to get your booster jab.

Network Rail Meeting

Published: 16 Nov 21

The second public consultation meeting to discuss Network Rail's plans to build a new footbridge and lift at Bentley Station will take place at Bentley Memorial Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday 23rd November

Ultrafast Full Fibre Broadband coming to 569 homes in Bentley!

Published: 15 Sep 21

Click on the attachment to find if your house is included in the voucher scheme. You need to follow the instructions to use your voucher. This is a community scheme, we need 100% residents to use their voucher.

Village Survey!

Published: 6 Sep 21

Please take the time to complete the village survey in the September issue of the parish meeting. Alternatively, you can go online: before 8th October. We want to know your views!

Veolia Planning Application Update

Published: 17 Dec 20

Make additional comments by 29th January 2021.

Hole Lane planning application

Published: 15 Nov 20

The planning application east of Hole Lane has been REFUSED.

Bentley Village Pond Update

Published: 18 Aug 20

We are relieved that the drought finally came to an end and the brook sprung to life, giving the pond a much needed refill. It is now looking much better. However, we have some further information to pass on.

Helping at-risk residents from Covid-19

Published: 18 Aug 20

Bentley Village Surgery open

Water for essential use only

Published: 10 Aug 20

From South East Water.

Whitehill & Bordon site identified for development

Published: 16 Jun 20

East Hampshire District Council has identified a site in Whitehill & Bordon for large scale development. The site will deliver up to 1,300 additional homes, totalling approximately 4,350 homes overall as part of the town’s transformation into a Green, Healthy and Connected town. The decision has been made following the council’s Large Development Sites consultation held in 2019, which put ten sites to public comment. Except for the land at Whitehill & Bordon, none of the other large development sites considered in the recent Local Plan consultation are technically ready for allocation. Therefore, instead of allocating another large development site in the district, the council intends to identify a ‘broad area of search’ along the A31 corridor. The allocation of a Large Development Site is a major part of EHDC’s Local Plan, a document that sets out the priorities and policies for development in areas of the district outside the South Downs National Park. An up-to-date Local Plan is a vital tool in the council’s armoury against speculative development. The further work on sites around the A31 will take time, so identifying a broad area of search, rather than a specific site, allows the council to make progress on the Local Plan. Cllr Angela Glass, EHDC Portfolio Holder for Planning, said: “To have a completed Local Plan we need to have a clear idea of where future development will go. “We have been able to do that in Whitehill & Bordon but there is still work to do to identify another site. “We are confident that we will be able to allocate suitable land along the A31 in a future Local Plan and by committing to investigating this further we can get on with working on the rest of the plan. “Delaying the Local Plan would risk opening our district up to speculative development. Taking this approach means we can move forwards with the plan without a risky delay.” Whitehill & Bordon Prince Philip Park EHDC has identified a site in Prince Philip Park for the development of up to 1,300 homes. This is part of the ongoing transformation of Whitehill & Bordon into a Green, Healthy and Connected town. This award-winning project sees additional residential and employment-related development bringing with it the infrastructure required to make the town a place where families can live and work. It is anticipated that the regeneration will see 4,350 new homes and 5,500 new jobs. This development would deliver up to 1,300 of those homes and a significant number of jobs and follows the development strategy envisaged by the council’s existing Local Plan. Work must also be done to ensure the protection of habitats and species that are of international importance. Through the provision of new areas of natural greenspace and related initiatives, it is possible to avoid any significant adverse impacts. Work is on-going between the council, Natural England and the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company to investigate this matter in detail. The broad area of search along the A31 A broad area of search is a wide geographical area, often larger than a settlement and perhaps roughly defined by landscape features such as valleys or other landforms. In this case the council and its partners will be looking at seven sites along the A31 corridor proposed during the Large Development Sites Consultation. Each site has its own benefits and comes with its own issues that need to be resolved. A lot of work is still to be done to evaluate the different options but by identifying this broad area of search, work on other areas of the plan can also progress.

Bentley Action Group

Published: 9 Oct 19

click here to access their website

Latest News on EHDC's Local Plan

Published: 30 Sep 19

EHDC's Local Plan - are currently carrying out a consultation on larger development sites. For more information, please see here.

Bentley Gallery

Published: 28 Aug 19

Please visit our Bentley Gallery under Local Information on our website. Theses photos are from events from 1880s to 1952

Northbrook Park

Published: 6 Mar 19

Please see our planning page for the latest information on Northbrook Park.

Bentley Parish Council meetings

Published: 21 Nov 18

Please contact the Clerk if you wish to speak with the Parish Council during the public participation section.

Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator required

Published: 8 Oct 18

Bentley village requires a Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator

Register your vehicle for ongoing free access to Hampshire’s HWRCs

Nearly 300,000 vehicles have already registered online, ahead of the launch of a new system on 1 April 2020 by the County Council – giving Hampshire residents continued, automatic free access to Hampshire Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

The new system will use Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and will ensure continued free access for residents to any of Hampshire’s 24 HWRCs to dispose of household waste. Access for non-Hampshire residents (excluding Dorset Council residents) will be for a fee of £5 per visit.

Once Hampshire residents have registered, they will see no change when they next visit a Hampshire HWRC. The system is being brought in to provide effective and environmentally practicable options for those who live close to Hampshire’s borders to continue to access the HWRCs, but in a way that is fairer to residents who pay for the cost of the service through their council tax.

Register online:

Water use sharply increasing

What’s the issue?

Hot temperatures and dry weather this Bank Holiday saw exceptional demand placed on the drinking water network as everyone spends more time at home, particularly in the garden.
This meant we had to pump an extra 140 million litres of water into our pipeline network on Monday to keep up with demand. The amount of water used was around a third more than usual for this time of year!

It looks like this warm weather is set to continue.

What we’re doing?

We understand that the world we now live in is very different to before and although we make very sophisticated plans covering the next 60 years of water use, as with everyone else, we could never have predicted this unprecedented situation which COVID-19 has brought about.
The water is available in our boreholes and key reservoirs, the problem we’re facing is that at times people use water at a faster rate than we can pump it from our sources, treat it and get it to customers’ taps. 
Our key worker teams worked tirelessly over the weekend to keep taps running and will continue to do so, but to ensure there is enough water for everyone as the hot weather continues we need your help to spread the message and make everyone in your community water aware.
How you can help

We’re asking everyone to help make sure there’s enough water to go around by taking two simple steps – let your lawns go brown, and be proud of your dirty car. 
These two easy actions will help make sure there is enough water for our communities, while fighting the virus.
We urge you to share this message through all you channels to help ensure all communities are aware.

To help we've created a dedicated web page just for you with a poster, advert and suggested social media posts you can download and share on your websites, social media channels, noticeboards and in your newsletters.

Water is a key tool in the fight against the virus as it keeps people healthy and hydrated and is essential to keep up with the extra hygiene measures everyone is taking. Water is also key for the hospitals and care homes across the South East region so we need your help making sure there’s enough to go around.

Thank you and stay safe,
The South East Water team