Latest News on EHDC's Local Plan

Published: 30 September 2019

As part of the development of East Hants District Council's Local Plan the District Council are currently carrying out a consultation on large development sites. These are sites for 600 or more new homes. EHDC are looking for large sites to provide approximately 2000 new homes within the District but outside the South Downs National Park in the period up to 2036.

The initial consultation on the EHDC Local Plan included two large sites at Northbrook Park and Whitehill and Borden. The current large development site consultation extends to further 8 sites with the aim of gathering evidence to inform the inclusion of particular sites in the Local Plan. The public is being asked for comments on all 10 sites.

The link to the consultation document is below and includes instructions on how to make comments. The consultation period runs to 15th October 2019. Bentley Parish Council intends to submit comments on the Northbrook proposal.