Hole Lane planning application

Published: 15 November 2020

The planning application on Hole Lane to build 93 new homes has been REFUSED. 

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In summary the application was refused on the following points:

1. The site is located on a Greenfield site outside the Settlement Policy boundary for Bentley.

2. The development would not represent a small scale development in a Level 4 village, with limited local facilities.

3. The proposed access design strategy relating to both Hole Lane and School Lane is inadequate to accommodate the development safely.

4.The Local Planning Authority, cannot be satisfied that the development would not lead to recreational disturbance of the Thames Basin Heaths Heaths Special Protection Area 

 5. Fails to respect the low key tranquil nature of the rural area and the landscape character objectives for the Northern Wey Valley. Fails to conserve the rural character of the local area and the amenity of users of the public footpath across the site.

6. The Local Planning Authority, having regard to the requirements under which a European Protected Species licence is granted by Natural England, remains doubtful that the development would meet the three derogation tests.