Booster jabs

Published: 20 December 2021

(Boundaries Surgery, Bentley Village Surgery, Chawton Park Surgery, The Wilson Practice)


To support the national drive to offer a Covid booster to all eligible adults by 31st December,
GPs across North Hampshire have taken steps to prioritise urgent work only in the coming
weeks and to redeploy staff into the vaccine clinics. Additional pop-up clinics are being set up,
including in Alton, and the number of appointments available across the area is set to increase
to 300% of the previous capacity. Only those adults aged over 18 years who had a second dose
of vaccine 12 weeks ago or more are eligible for a booster.


Booking at the Alton clinics will be online only to start with.    We will actively contact patients in
priority groups, who may not be able to book online, by telephone to ensure equity and
inclusivity. Clinics will be for over 18s boosters only and we will be using the Moderna
vaccine. It is safe to have Moderna regardless of whether you had Pfizer or Astra Zeneca
before. There will be no need for you to wait in the clinic after getting your vaccination.


Where and when will the Alton Covid booster clinics be held?
Booster clinics will be held at The Wilson Practice, Anstey Road, GU34 2QX and Chawton
Park Surgery, Chawton Park Road, GU34 1RJ on Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd December.
How can I book an appointment at one of these clinics?
If you are a registered patient at The Wilson Practice or Chawton Park Surgery, you can book
online through the NHS App or your practice website.
If you are registered at Boundaries Surgery or Bentley Village Surgery, please contact your
practice directly and they will check for booster appointment availability.


What are my other options for booster vaccination?
The booster clinics in Alton are additional to the other COVID-19 vaccine clinics across North
Hampshire. If Alton is full please do not wait for an appointment to become available in Alton;
instead take an appointment at one of the other clinics in North Hampshire such as Jameson
House or Hampshire Court Hotel. If you already have an appointment booked for your COVID
booster, it is really important you keep that appointment.


The A31 Group of Practices Primary Care Network covers approximately 32,000 patients registered with:
Bentley Village Surgery ~ Boundaries Surgery ~ Chawton Park Surgery ~ The Wilson Practice
There will be walk in vaccination clinics available at the following sites, open from 9am to 5pm
on the 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd December. They will also be delivering Moderna vaccine only
and therefore cannot accommodate under 18s due to licensing:
− Gillies Health Centre, Sullivan Road, Basingstoke, RG22 4EH
− Hook community Centre, Ravenscroft, Hook, RG27 9NN


What booster jab will be offered ? 
The local Alton booster clinic can only offer Moderna vaccine at this time.


What if I had Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine before?
You can have still have a Moderna booster.
Why can I not book an appointment in Alton or the walk-in clinics if I am under 18?
We only have Moderna vaccine at the booster clinic in Alton and at the walk-in clinics which is
not licensed for under 18 years of age.


When can I have my booster jab ?
You need to wait 3 months from your second jab. Please do not try to book a booster before
then as we cannot give it to you early. You will receive an invitation to get a booster when you
become eligible. To be eligible for a booster by 31st December, you must have had your second
dose on or before 8th October. If you have not received an invitation, you are not yet eligible and
will not be able to book a booster appointment yet.


What if I have not been vaccinated yet ?
The Alton booster clinic is only offering booster jabs. If you have not completed your initial
course of two covid jabs we cannot offer you that at the Alton clinic.